Anti-Smoking Initiative

World No Tobacco Day is sponsored by the World Health Organization each year on May 31.

What Can Your Parents Club Do For World No Tobacco Day?

Individual parents and families are critical to spreading the anti-smoking message, but your Parents Club can also take collective action to celebrate World No Tobacco Day. Perhaps you could sponsor an anti-smoking essay/drawing/poster contest for kids. This contest can be for kids of your Club members, for all kids in your local school, or for all kids in your community - whatever makes sense for your Club. Have prizes for different age categories and promote the event as much as possible.

Want Help Sponsoring an Anti-Smoking Contest?

If so, the First Nations Parents Club would love to help out. Just print the poster below and fill in the details about your specific event.

Download and Print Anti-Smoking Poster

You can also download the Anti-Smoking Contest Registration Form.

Just fill in the form, submit it to the Parents Club office, and we will send your Club prizes for the contest winners. We will also send you small gifts to give all contest entrants. We only need one form from each interested Parents Club!

If you hold an Anti-Smoking Contest, please contact us to let us know how it goes.